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Hair Accessories

I often see these birds in my neighbourhood and I love their squawky presence, personality and beauty. Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos have a short crest on the top of their heads compared to other cockatoos’ crowns that they flaunt and display ostentatiously. Feeling slightly inferior, this cockatoo relied on creativity and ingenuity to present a hairstyle that turns heads. This print and "The Bun" make a great set. A-4 and A-3 sizes are a Limited-Edition print run of 500, numbered and signed by the artist.

About Patricia Hopwood-Wade’s Prints

All prints are a fine quality reproduction of my original watercolour paintings. They are photographed and printed by Full Gamut, a local Tasmanian fine art printing business. The original paintings are painted on high quality 310gsm watercolour paper with mainly Winsor & Newton watercolour paints.